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What are Beta readers?

A beta reader is someone who willing to review your final manuscript to get feedback from the reader’s point of view. A beta reader might review the manuscript before it is being published or before it is being edited by a professional editor. Beta readers could be anyone that is familiar with books and children’s books, could be your friends, relatives, members of an author community.

The difference between beta readers, alpha readers, and editors?

Beta readers are different from alpha readers and editors. An alpha reader is someone who is reading your first draft manuscript and will give you…

What is an ISBN?

International Standard Book Number or for short ISBN. ISBN is a 13-digit number to identify the details of each book that the author has published and include information such as publishers, author, book title, synopsis, book genre, and the book format. Getting an ISBN will make the book discoverable worldwide by just entering the ISBN code on every book.

Just like barcodes for every product sold in the grocery stores. A barcode tells identify the details of the product when it’s being scanned. For instance, full cream milk has one barcode of its own, fat-free milk…

Guarantee your books will be the best selling

Almost every legitimate publisher will never guarantee that your books will become a bestseller or even will sell certain numbers of copies. Best-selling books are often based on the story plot, character’s illustrations, book cover, and well marketing strategies. So make sure you don’t get tempted by those publishers who guarantee your books will be best-selling.

Restricted copyrights

Every author deserves copyrights of their own books. Therefore, you need to make sure the publisher with who you’re working is not restricted to any copyrights of your book. …

1. Discussion

Before starting the illustration phase, the author and the illustrator must discuss clear and fairly for both sides about the rules & agreements of this project. There are 3 important things that must be discussed;

- Price

Before discussing, the author must’ve known the price range of the illustrator’s illustration services. But to make sure again, discuss it a bit further about the illustration’s price and the payment method that can be used.

For TullipStudio, we manage to get the most reasonable and fair pricing for children’s book illustrations. …

What is BookBaby?

BookBaby is a book publishing company that offers print-on-demand, wholesale printing, e-Book, distribution, editing, book design, and book marketing service for self-publish authors.

BookBaby will provide worldwide distribution to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, and Apple Books based on the package you chose.

Book printing

The priority service provides by BookBaby is book printing. As it is provided for the self-publish author, BookBaby provides 2 publishing options; print-on-demand or wholesale printing. Print-on-demand will save you lots of money because the book will only be printed once customers make an order. …

1. Choose the right venue

Finding and choosing the right venue need a lot of consideration. First, your venue needs to be in a strategic place, whether it’s a library, hall, a local bookstore, or any other familiar public spaces that you can rent for the day. Second, the venue needs to be able to fit in how many people you’ve invited. This is important to consider before planning for a book launch because you don’t want to be in an overcrowded venue. …

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads is a platform build by Facebook that allows anyone who has joined Facebook or Instagram to promote their products and services. Your advertised content will appear on every account that matches your settings. Using Facebook ads gives many beneficial features that will eventually lead to book sales.

And here are 4 great beneficial features of Facebook Ads that indie authors must know.

1. Targeted audience

Using Facebook Ads allows the advertiser to show up their products or services directly to the targeted audience based on genders, age groups, interests, educational backgrounds, locations, and even based on who…

Find the right illustrator

Now you’re in the phase of searching for an illustrator, before you decided to hire them make sure you check these 4 things;

- Credibility

The conquest of searching for an illustrator to provide you with amazing illustrations for your children’s book has begun. Most important to search for is the illustrator’s credibility in their works for children’s book. You must ask for their previous children’s book that they’ve illustrated and how did it go in the market as well. This is important because you wanted to make sure you’re paying legitimate and professional help that won’t let you down.

#1 Research

The first step you have to do when it comes to self-publish a children’s book is to do research on the topic you’re going to write. Even if you’re writing a fiction story, there must be some actual fact that happens in the story. For example, if you’re writing a fiction story about a rabbit, you need to put some actual facts about a rabbit’s behavior, how they eat, how they jump, how they survive, and so on.

The other research you have to do is who you are writing for, how old your readers are going to be, the…

Read children’s book as many as possible

To begin writing a children’s book, you must know how the words are used in children’s books, the story’s structure, how the character’s building goes, how storytelling works, and how the story plot goes. To know those things, you must start reading children’s books from famous authors to indie authors as many as you can. Just like Stephen King once said “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Come up with a great story idea to write about

Children’s books…


A professional illustrator who specializes in children’s book illustrations. With 10 years of experience, TullipStudio has collaborated with many authors

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